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Vic Thomas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Vic Thomas has been growing with Lyngso since 1971. Inspired by a love of stone and landscaping, Vic became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing after working his way through various jobs within the company.

Still passionate about hardscapes, Vic constantly seeks new materials for the countless homeowners and professionals who count on Lyngso for both information and innovative products. “I love the challenge of finding something different for architects,” says Vic, “something that they haven’t been able to find.”

A member of the California Landscape Contractors Association, Vic has also served on the board of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Having amassed decades of landscaping experience, Vic prides himself on providing solutions. “We’re a resource for homeowners, for contractors, for anyone doing something new for the first time.”

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James Kolter. Vice President of Operations

James Kolter has been a Lyngso team member since 1989. Overseeing the yard and concrete plant, James is probably the first person you’ll encounter as you drive into the yard. He has enjoyed experiencing the company expand during his two decades at the site. “It’s rewarding to see that our products change and beautify the Bay Area,” he says. Like other team members, James feels a degree of ownership in Lyngso: “It’s our company and we work to insure its health.”

James’ longevity at the company can be directly traced to Lyngso’s family atmosphere. “We encourage friendly people to work here,” says James. “Our products can be found in other places, but it’s our service, our people who are unique.”

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Dan Garcia. Sales Counter Supervisor

Dan Garcia enjoys letting customers know what is possible while also overseeing the counter sales. With the exception of a few breaks for higher education, Dan has been a member of the Lyngso team since the early 1980s. Dan has a contagious, can-do attitude and is often heard telling his crew: “Don’t be in such a hurry to say no. We can figure out ways to accommodate.” He’s especially proud of Lyngso’s flexible dispatch office. Unlike most businesses, Lyngso adheres to a 2 hour delivery window.

Dan knows the importance of an order’s timing, especially when it comes to retaining walls and paver orders. Eager to create solutions, Dan often taps into Lyngso’s vast network, immediately finding answers to any landscaping question. In fact, Dan’s dedication shows that each project feels like his own: “If the customer is happy, I’m happy.”

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Paul Truyts Outside Sales

Paul Truyts works with contractors, homeowners and architects to make sure they have exactly the right kind and amount of material for their specific project. In addition to having over a dozen years experience working with landscaping materials, this native of Belgium also speaks five languages. It’s his personalized care for the customers, though, that makes sure you’ll drive away from the sales yard with the perfect material. “We ask the extra questions,” says Paul. “We make sure it’s a good fit for the customer.”

For larger orders, Paul provides direct loads from the supplier to the customer, at huge savings to the client. Familiar with the wide range of new building materials, Paul also gives talks to architects and contractors to introduce new products. “I enjoy interacting with clients,” says Paul, “and making people excited about their projects.”

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