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Actively Aerated Compost Tea and Mycorrhizae

Acitvely Aerated Compost Tea and Mycorrhizae provide life to your soil.  Soil that has had  excessive use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides will benefit from applications of AACT.  Over use of chemicals reduces life in the soil, as the soil life dies back the soil begins to  compact making it harder for water and air to get into the soil and root zone.  Adding life to the soil and applying a layer of mulch to the soil will greatly benefit your plants and over time the soil food web will be established.  The soil food web will feed your plants and you will feed the soil food web. 


The term "mulch" describes a general category of materials used to cover the surface of bare soil around plants. The function of mulch, and the recommended depth of coverage is:

  1. To help the soil moisture, (1"-4")
  2. To help keep weeds from reaching sunlight and grow further, (3"-6")
  3. For aesthetic value, (usually 1"-2")
  4. Assisting in erosion prevention, (3"-5")
  5. Adding organic matter to the soil over time through the process of decompostion, (the more depth the better, typically 3"-6") 

Mulch types range from wood chips or bark, to gravel. Some homeowners and landscape professionals will also lay down water permeable Landscape Fabric underneath the mulch layer to assist in preventing weeds from coming up.

Top Soil & Soil Mixes

Top Soil and our soil mixes have many different uses. We recommend that you work with the soil you have. It is usually a bad idea to remove your existing soil and replace it with another soil. There may be times however, when you need to fill in an area, build a mound, or a raised bed and you need to bring in soil. We have top soil and soil mixes that can be used for all your projects.

Incorporating compost into the soil improves and maintains the soil structure encouraging healthy root growth. Compost immediately improves aeration and drainage of clay soils. In sandy soils compost helps the soil to hold moisture and nutrients. Apply 2 inches to 3 inches of compost and mix it into the soil.
Soil Amendments