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Top Soil & Soil Mixes

Top Soil
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Use Top Soil when you need to raise grades or fill in areas over four inches deep. Our Top Soil is a screened sandy loam. In areas where you are going to be planting fill in with top soil up to 3" from the top of the grade, use Nursery Mix to top off the grade and mix the Nursery Mix in with the Top Soil. Now you are ready to plant. We sell the Top Soil in one cubic foot bags, we supply the bags, you fill them. For larger areas you will want to purchase the Top Soil by the cubic yard. We can load your truck or for a fee you can rent our dump truck or have us deliver the Top Soil to your home or job site. For orders of 20 yards or more please contact us for direct pricing.

U-Sack $3.25
Yard $57.00 Sold in 1/2 yard increments.
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