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CORE Gravel
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CORE Gravel solves the problems associated with loose gravel; sinking, migrating and forming ruts. This is a proven solution for hassle-free gravel paving for all types of vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. CORE Gravel is a stabilized gravel system consisting of a foundation of connected honeycomb-celled panels with a geotextile backing. Once filled with gravel this system is ideal for vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. This eco-friendly system costs less than asphalt, concrete or block pavers.

  • Gravel Stabilization - Get gravel to stay put, no ruts, no sinking, no problems.
  • Low Cost - Because the gravel won't move around you can use less, giving you a porous surface that costs less than concrete, asphalt or block pavers.
  • Superior Strength - Enhanced load bearing eliminates rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic.
  • Weed Reduction - The geotextile backing underneath each panel prevents weed growth.
  • Green Solution - Environmentally friendly porous gravel paving allows the rain to drain over the entire surface.
  •  SUDS Compliant - Because CORE Gravel is porous it is ideal for solutions requiring a Sustainable Drainage System.
  • ADA Compliant - Ideal for pedestrians, bicycles and wheelchair traffic.Invisible - When filled the product is practically invisible, leaving you with a stunning surface that is easy to maintain.

Each $40.00 COMES IN 10 SQ. FT. SHEET
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