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Lyngso Vegetable Blend
sku - LVB 

Lyngso Veggie Blend is a ready to plant blend of Top Soil, Diestel Structured Compost and Fine Redwood Amendment.  The Top Soil provides some minerals and clay and will help the soil retain moisture, the Diestel Structured Compost is a composted turkey manure filled with life and food and the Fine Redwood Amendment is a redwood sawdust that will break down very slowly over time and help keep the soil open and aerated.


It is a good general mix for all veggies, a light application of a balanced organic fertilizer like Down to Earth All Purpose or Doctor Earth All Purpose or Eco-Hydro Fish All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer will be good once or twice during the growing season after the plants are established. 

U-Sack $4.00
Yard $80.00
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