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Bio Retension Soil Mix

Biotreatment Soil Mix is very effective at filtering storm water runoff before it enters our storm drains and waterways. The process of running the storm or runoff water through the Biotreatment Soil Mix allows the water to be cleaned up by the biology and filtered so pollutants and sediments are much reduced. The Biotreament Soil Mix will support many vernal and riparian plant communities, the roots of the plants will also help clean up the storm water runoff. The quality of water going into our streams, creeks, bay and ocean will be much improved creating a much healthier habitat for our native amphibians and fish.

The team at Lyngso Garden Materials, Inc. understands the value and importance of beneficial microbiology and uses quality compost and a sand blend that meets or exceeds the requirements of Attachment L to the MRP.

Yard $64.99 Sold in 1/2 yard increments
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